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Exam Code: 300-715 SISE v1.1

Cisco ISE is a security policy management platform that provides secure network access to end users and devices !

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Course Overview

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a network administration product that allows enterprises to enforce security policies for endpoint devices connected to the company’s routers and switches. It serves as a centralized platform for identity and access management, offering advanced capabilities for network access control (NAC), policy enforcement, and visibility.

Benefits of Cisco ISE

  1. Enhanced Network Security
    • Network Access Control (NAC): Ensures that only authorized users and compliant devices can access network resources.
    • Threat Detection and Mitigation: Integrates with other security solutions to identify and address threats in real-time. 

  2. Comprehensive Visibility
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides detailed insights into who and what is on your network at any given time.
    • Device Profiling: Automatically identifies and classifies connected devices to apply appropriate policies. 

  3. Granular Access Policies
    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Assigns network access based on user roles, device types, and security posture.
    • Flexible Policy Enforcement: Create and enforce complex access policies tailored to organizational needs. 

  4. Improved Compliance
    • Regulatory Compliance: Helps meet compliance requirements with robust reporting, auditing, and policy enforcement.
    • Automated Policy Management: Streamlines compliance with industry standards and internal security policies. 

  5. Seamless User Experience
    • Consistent Access: Provides a uniform access experience across wired, wireless, and VPN connections.
    • Single Sign-On (SSO): Simplifies the authentication process for users across multiple services. 

  6. Scalability and Flexibility
    • Scalable Architecture: Supports large enterprises and can grow with your network needs.
    • Cloud Integration: Offers deployment flexibility with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid models. 

  7. BYOD and Guest Access Management
    • BYOD Support: Enables secure onboarding and management of employee-owned devices.
    • Guest Access: Provides secure, manageable guest network access with customizable policies. 

  8. Operational Efficiency
    • Simplified Administration: Centralizes policy management and network access control, reducing administrative overhead.
    • Automation and Orchestration: Automates routine tasks and integrates with other IT systems for streamlined operations.

Lab Topology




  • 1.1 Configure personas

  • 1.2 Describe deployment options

  • 1.3 Describe hardware and virtual machine performance specifications

  • 1.4 Describe zero-touch provisioning

  • 2.1 Configure native AD and LDAP

  • 2.2 Describe identity store options

  • 2.2.a LDAP

  • 2.2.b AD

  • 2.2.c PKI

  • 2.2.d Multifactor authentication

  • 2.2.e Local

  • 2.2.f SAML IDP

  • 2.2.g Rest ID

  • 2.3 Configure wireless network access using 802.1X

  • 2.4 Configure wired network access using 802.1X and IBNS 2.0

  • 2.4.a Monitor mode

  • 2.4.b Low impact

  • 2.4.c Closed mode

  • 2.5 Implement MAB

  • 2.6 Configure Cisco TrustSec

  • 2.7 Configure policies including authentication and authorization profiles

  • 3.1 Configure web authentication

  • 3.2 Configure guest access services

  • 3.3 Configure sponsor and guest portals

  • 4.1 Implement profiler services

  • 4.2 Implement probes

  • 4.3 Implement CoA

  • 4.4 Configure endpoint identity management

  • 5.1 Describe Cisco BYOD functionality

  • 5.1.a Use cases and requirements

  • 5.1.b Solution components

  • 5.1.c BYOD flow

  • 5.2 Configure BYOD device on-boarding using internal CA with Cisco switches and Cisco wireless LAN controllers

  • 5.3 Configure certificates for BYOD

  • 5.4 Configure block list/allow list

  • 6.1 Describe endpoint compliance, posture services, and client provisioning

  • 6.2 Configure posture conditions and policy, and client provisioning

  • 6.3 Configure the compliance module

  • 6.4 Configure posture agents and operational modes

  • 6.5 Describe supplicant, supplicant options, authenticator, and server

  • 7.1 Compare AAA protocols

  • 7.2 Configure TACACS+ device administration and command authorization


Most frequent questions and answers

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a security policy management platform that provides network access control (NAC), guest access management, and BYOD support. It centralizes identity management and policy enforcement to ensure that only authorized users and devices can access network resources.

Key features include:

  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Device profiling and classification
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Guest access management
  • BYOD support
  • Real-time visibility and monitoring
  • Integration with third-party security solutions
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Scalable and flexible deployment options

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  • Network engineers
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  • Basic knowledge of networking
  • TCP/IP protocol knowledge
  • Basic knowledge on Windows server/Unix
  • Basic knowledge on “line vty”, “ssh”, “ospf”, “bgp”, “vlan”, “ip address”, “telnet”, “router”, “switch”, “firewall”, “junos”, “arista”, “linux”
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01-AUG-2023 Monday @ 9PM India
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  • 40+ hours of Instructor-Led Training
  • 100+ Network Case-Studies Discussed
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Jitendra Kumar SinghJitendra Kumar Singh
11:34 04 Jul 24
The one of the best Platform to learn and enhance skills for better features.I have enrolled the Firewall mastery course at Network Journey and had good experience. All the Instructors were knowledgeable.Mr. Sagar teaching is excellent, explains concepts clearly and he have knowledge on the subject. I an special recommend to join Network Journey who want to learn network about the firewall.Thank you entire team!!
yesh guptayesh gupta
19:06 27 Jun 24
Krishnappa GKrishnappa G
07:25 26 Jun 24
deepika ranganathdeepika ranganath
15:24 25 Jun 24
I was enrolled for Network automation and python course. It was an amazing learning experience.
Amit SinghAmit Singh
06:04 25 Jun 24
I have done few certification course like Python Automation and ASA firewall from here. All the teachers specialy Sagar is brilliant in teaching. You will get all access for lab and into all devices for unlimited time.!! The backend team is very supportive in lab setup and any other difficulty you will face while doing remote lab or Home lab! I will suggest if anyone is looking for course with job assistance join here.!!
Labanya Roy LalaLabanya Roy Lala
23:09 12 Jun 24
It's an awesome experience to be part of the learning program in Network Journey. Course metarial is designed based on practical requirements.Mr. Sagar Dewan is an excellent trainer who explains all the topics in details and also make sure that students are in same page.Moreover prompt response and support from backend team to setup home lab and remote lab is much appreciated.i strongly recommend Network Journey to anyone who want to explore their career in network automation.
11:24 12 Jun 24
One of the best institute to take the classes based on industry required usecases And the trainer Mr.Sagar dawan is well equipped trainer and expert in real time networking concept.Even the backend team is excellent to guide to setup labs remotely.I strongly recommend this institute for all the technology background students.
Mohamed FaizalMohamed Faizal
04:59 09 May 24
1.Naeem2.Sagar3.Sajid4.DivyaYour kindness, your presence, your effort—everything about you is truly appreciated. Thank you for exectuting the wonderful network service
Nazakat ali AliNazakat ali Ali
07:21 23 Apr 24
Regardless of expertise, Sagar is an excellent instructor who ensures all students fully grasp the material. He makes the material simple to learn for all students. For everyone eager to learn and comprehend the principles in depth, I heartily recommend Network Journey.
pavan Pediredlapavan Pediredla
09:19 09 Apr 24
I am taking the Firewall mastery course at Network Journey and had good experience. All the Instructors were knowledgeable.Sagar teaching is excellent, explains concepts clearly and he have knowledge on the subject. I will recommend Network Journey to anyone who want to learn network security.Thank you entire team!!
Mory BambaMory Bamba
17:05 06 Apr 24
I have enrolled in a bunch of courses including firewall mastery 5-1, CCIE Enterprise, CCIE Security, AWS, GCP, Azure, Devops. All tutors were very professional and classes were excellent very easy to learn . Backend team for lab support and assistance always there incase if we need help . Overall 5/5
Pradip RansingPradip Ransing
10:58 23 Mar 24
Nice experience and helpful support
02:28 05 Mar 24
I have completed network autmation/python training from network journey.I am so happy because the instructor is very patience, the way of teaching is awesome and very easy to understand the concepts.Sagar- Thank you for the excellent training session.
Archana PanjakadiArchana Panjakadi
06:08 08 Jan 24
Excellent Training Center!This training center is top-notch for anyone interested in Networking and Automation Courses.Sagar Dhawan's expertise and prompt responses were instrumental in my journey. The Network Automation course was incredibly beneficial. Highly recommend this course and the excellent support from Sagar. I have registered for other recorded courses offered by trainer Shank, they have also been very helpful.

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